This Course Achievements

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I’m totally impressed about these course achievements. It allowed me to meet new people and learn to use the media like never before. What I really liked about the course of Informatics 103 is the great connection between the students and the professor.

What I’ve learned? Honestly, I learned a lot, from technology history, managing a blog, security and even coding which is one of the most I liked. I must say this course really help me because my favorite part of it, which is the final presentation, where I will be talking about Virtual Reality, gave me the opportunity to make contacts with VR software developers with whom right now I’m working with some interesting projects. What I really meant to said is that the course didn’t stay in classroom.

Really must say that Antonio Vantaggiato is an amazing teacher and one of a kind human being.

 I totally recommended this course (Informatics 103) to all students who enters the University of the Sacred Heart. I’m proud to say that I’m waiting to start this journey next fall 2018 with Informatics 115.


  1. The Web
  2. “About” Page
  3. Virtual Travel
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Final Project (PPT Presentation)
  6. Code Assignment
  • 20 Post Entries

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