Homework #1

  1. How is your life with the web?

I really consider that my life is amazing and wealthy of the many information learned form the web. It has provide me the tools to navigat and learn about many things and topics from an infinite source of global information. The easy of it is that I can explore new things every day and produce my skylls and business online with total freedom.

What I like most of the web is the simplicity of the system, the navigation and the trust that every day I put in it. The web is a result of the beauty of connecting people from all over the world and provide services that help us make our every day. What I dont like about the web is that the people sometimes privide personal information and social medias to a global web that can be saw by many people withouth they even know it, and that can be risk for our safety and privacy.


{Photo: Internet, by Elyse Jones, liscense; creative commons}

2. How would your life be without internet?

Technically it will be normal for me, because if I did not know about media or web, what would I worry? In the others hand is obviously that maybe I would not know about a lot of things I already learned on the web. The web is a wealthy information chanel that help us every day, but I’m not saying that we cannot live without it, because like I will say and the true sense tells, without knowing or having experienced, you can not be boring.


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